How To Make A Burger That Will WOW Your Guests This Summer

how to make a burgerSince summer is around the corner I figured I’d give ya’ll a recipe so you can break-in that new grill on that new patio of your new home.


President Reagan was ridiculed for stating that ketchup was a vegetable. The truth is, catsup, as it is properly called, is the densest source of tomato nutrients in the world. This includes Lycopene, the holy grail of gastronomic goodness. But this article isn’t about health; so vegans and vegetarians might want to stop reading here. How to make a burger. We are talking about beef, one of the tastiest and pound-for-pound most nutritious foods you can consume. The great thing about beef is that no matter how hard people have tried in the past few decades, no substitute has come close to duplicating the chewiness of meat. There is nothing more satisfying for meat lovers than that bite that lasts as you savor the flavor between your chompers. Now that we have firmly established our love for firm, moist, meat; we can all agree that it is the heart of every great hamburger; no matter how much you slather it with ketchup or any other condiment of your liking.


Therefore, the key to making your guests grab their chests and skip a breath after their first bite is to prepare the meat properly. By the way; if you can grind the meat yourself you’re in the running for burger maker of the year to your guests. Now, it’s not what goes on top of the burger, but what goes inside it that makes it sing with the sizzle.  Hands down, the simplest and best seasoning out there is Lawry’s Seasoned Salt. This one little shaker always makes you look like a professional without hours of marinade before hand. Remember, you are making hamburgers, not meat loaf. Drowning ground beef leads to mushy burgers. A little bit of Lawry’s sprinkled on each side while the patties wait to go on the grill will thrill the salivating throng. The seasoning also sets off a heavenly smell, much like you get with a fresh fast food burger. The secret ingredient is sugar.  Many people do not know this, but the evil granulated powder that your dentist abhors is beef’s best friend. Used sparingly, it makes that pound of ground round rather profound. Lawry’s has enough onion powder in it, so you don’t have to get fancy and put chopped onions in your meat mix. People really don’t care for mystery chunks in their burger, truth be known. Remember: Burgers, not Mom’s meatloaf!


After that, it is the little things that matter: What type of beef you use; sirloin or angus. Fat to meat ratio. 80/20 is always best. How thick you pack the patties: About a half inch thick is ideal. Don’t over pack, because the grain of the grind is part of the chewiness.  How quickly you cook the burgers. Most people say cook hot, cook fast, flip only once; do not squeeze too hard or too long with the spatula (truth be told; you should NEVER press down on the cooking patties). Be sure to press a thumb sized dimple in the patty to ensure it doesn’t shrink up on you.  Lastly, the toppings: Heinz and Del Monte Ketchup do taste different, so have both on hand. People are picky. This brings up pickles. Men tend to love them, women try to bury them because the dog won’t eat them. Mayonnaise: It is crucial to get a fluffy spread, not a salad dressing; because a flat, oily condiment will kill your masterpiece in a minute. Hellmann’s and Kraft are really the only two that should touch the table. Fresh, ripe tomatoes and iceberg lettuce are a must. Raw onions, not so much.


You want the sandwich to have a handle, not drip like a candle. Soft, fresh Kaiser buns will make a bed for your burger! Did we say cheese?

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