VA Loan Limits: What is the maximum amount you can borrow in with no down payment in 2020?

va home loan limits by countyVA home loans are a unique offering for those who are serving, have served, or are an eligible spouse of someone in the armed forces. Understanding VA home loan limits is an important step to securing one.

A VA (Veteran Affairs) loan is a special kind of loan that is partially backed by the Department of Veteran Affairs. This means that they don’t require mortgage insurance and you can acquire them with no down payment. This makes them an excellent choice for many in the armed forces. It is probably the best loan option ever.

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VA loans do come with their own intricacies. The loan limit is on the strange side of a VA loan. The loan limit is a bit confusing at first but, basically, it is the maximum amount that the VA will guarantee. This is money that the VA will repay to the lender in the case of a default. This assurance helps lessen the risk for low down payment borrowers.

These limits vary by the county the home is being purchased in. This is due to the pricing differences for homes located in different counties. This helps create a better balance between areas that have a higher cost of living. Someone buying a home on the Hawaiian islands is going to have more available to them than a lower cost of living location.

VA Home Loan Limits in 2018

va home loan limits in 2018

One of the most often confusing aspects of the VA loan is an entitlement, but it really boils down to only a few simple concepts. Taking the points one by one, it’s easy to get a full picture of what entitlement is, and what it isn’t.

The entitlement itself is the maximum amount the VA guarantees in the case of a default. It is not the maximum that a borrower can take, but can influence that amount. In most cases, lenders are comfortable loaning four times the amount of entitlement. The entitlement is like a down payment in that it provides security for the lender.

The entitlement covers 25% of the total loan value up to the limit, this is the amount that the VA has offered to reimburse the lender should the borrower default. This is the key benefit of a VA loan as it provides the lender with additional security.

After the maximum entitlement is reached, it’s up to the borrower to secure an additional down payment. A good way to think about entitlement is that it is the amount thatyou are able to borrow before needing an additional down payment.

There are actually two different types of entitlement available to borrowers.

va home loan limits in 2018 2

Basic entitlement starts at $36,000. Given that the VA has committed to cover a quarter of the total loan amount, it’s easy to see that the basic entitlement can cover a house of up to $144,000 (36,000 x 4).

In many cases, a borrower is also eligible for what is called a secondary entitlement of up to $77,275. This brings the total available entitlement for most borrowers up to $113,275. and is used when the loan goes above the $144,000 mark. Following the same maths, multiplying the entitlement by four, we get a loan of up to $453,100.

It’s important to know that these numbers are simply the most common. Nobody can guarantee theese numbers will always be accurate. As we mentioned, there are special allowances for the high cost of living areas. In places like Hawaii, for example, those numbers are larger – up to $679,650 for the highest cost areas.

Keep in mind that the entitlement can also change year to year. At the end of the year, the numbers are re-evaluated and may be changed depending on trends in the housing market. For example, in 2017 the maximum entitlement was $424,100, significantly less than available in 2020.

There is, however, no limit on the size of the loan that can be taken out. While the VA will only guarantee up to a quarter of the limit, there is nothing stopping individual lenders from approving larger loans. In these situations though, lenders often require an additional down payment in order to offset the assumed risk. This additional down payment is typically 25% of the difference.

It’s also important to note that VA loans follow the conforming loan limits. There are multiple criteria for conforming loans, but the most common is the size. To be a conforming loan the amount must be under $453,100, the same as the current VA loan limit. Any larger than this, and it becomes known as a jumbo loan. Jumbo loans typically represent a larger risk to lenders, and often carry a higher interest rate because of this. They will also require additional down payments outside of the entitlement covered by the VA loan. Note that this limit is also linked to the cost of living, and may be higher in some counties.

VA Loans

VA loans are an excellent option for those that have served. Their ability to allow borrowers to take 0 down payment loans is certainly attractive. It is important to know that the VA home loan limits in order to plan appropriately. Having the limits and entitlement is incredibly powerful for borrowers, and allows them to get otherwise unobtainable loans. In some cases, it even lets borrowers purchase multiple properties.

Always Remember, VA loans are a benefit for life, and you can use them a multiple times! Once you earn it, the benefits never go away. This loan actually has no limits.


va home loan limits faq

Can I have two VA loans at the same time?

Yes, but the borrower must have entitlement left with which to secure the second loan.

Will a foreclosure or bankruptcy affect my VA loan?

Having a foreclosure or bankruptcy does not make you ineligible to receive a VA loan in the future. Generally, there is a two year wait period when your credit has to rehabilitate. After acceptable ratings, you can start searching for a lender.

How much can I Borrow for a VA Home Loan?

There are no VA home loan limits on the loan amount. Instead, there is a limit on how much the VA will back on the loan. The current maximum the VA will guarantee is ~$77,275. which will allow most buyers to take a loan of up to ~453,100. Most lenders will approve loans of four times the entitlement amount (77,275 x 4 = 453,100). Beyond this, most lenders will require additional down payment amounts. However, it all depends on the county where you want your new home. Please check-up with your local VA representative for more detail.

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