[infographic] What’s In Your Credit Score?

What’s In Your Credit Score?


There are a ton of different factors that make up your credit score/credit profile, with most of the general population unaware of what even goes into it. MGIC attempts to fix that problem with a new extremely informative infographic.

According to MGIC, 74% of college students don’t even know their credit score.


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Does Your Credit Score Really Matter?


There are many myths and common misconceptions surrounding credit scores and how they are made up, so it is always best you don’t assume that you have all the answers.


A few of them could certainly surprise you. This infographic is by far the best we’ve seen here at Home Loans For All.


Breaking Down Your Credit Score will help you easily understand how the FICO credit score is calculated, and reveals credit-related facts like the average national credit score.


Also, be sure to read the extra information at the end of each question for a more in-depth explanation behind the answer.


Here’s MGIC’s infographic:

what's in your credit score

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