U.S Homeowners: Tax Benefits and Deductions For You!

By : Home Loans For All

tax benefits for homeownersOwning your own home is truly awesome and it’s very beneficial too. I say this for one good reason and that reason is the tax benefits. Paying your taxes may seem like a real pain but for anyone who owns a home, paying your taxes is less painful because it can save you lots of money indeed! Whether you have paid the house in full or you have a mortgage on it there are a multitude of ways that you can reap the deductions and tax benefits for yourself.

Homeowners that have a mortgage or loan for under $1 Million are able to save a large amount of money because the interest payments on the mortgage or loan are actually tax deductible. This can save people a lot of money because mortgage payments are very high in interest and the interest payments of a long term loan can actually top the principal payments for the first few years. Get your interest payments back now.


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The next way that you can save money on your home is by using discount points. Discount points are something that a homeowner purchases when they a buy a home and this allows them to receive interest rates on their mortgage substantially below current rates. This is a huge money saver because these discount points are tax deductible too.

Furthermore, another thing that is tax deductible to a certain degree is the real estate tax that you pay on your home. Call your accountant and find out just how much you can save by getting back your real estate taxes.


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Moreover, home improvements are tax deductible as well. This is especially the case for people who have to renovate their home to accommodate a disabled person. This is also the case when renovating a home to make it more eco-friendly, sustainable, and energy saving.

Next, for any entrepreneurs, home business offices, or people who simply work at home, it is also possible to deduct the expenses of running an office from your house from your taxes; the list goes on and on!

Finally, always keep in mind what your expenses and costs will be, try to subtract the money you can save from tax benefits and you will be able to build yourself a real and formal budget regarding house and mortgage payments.


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