Home Loans For Bad Credit By State

We’ve written a lot about how to find bad credit home loans on this website.

Government programs like the FHA and VA loan programs often come with minimal or non-existent credit requirements and low down payments, making them ideal for first time home buyers.
bad credit home loan by state
If you still want to try for a conventional loan, you can find a co-signer or apply for a rent-to-own contract to build up your credit now so you can apply for a better loan in the future.

State-Specific Programs Can Save You Money

But there are also a great many state-specific programs that can help you find home loans for bad credit. These range from down payment assistance (always useful if you have a bad credit home loan that offsets the risk with a higher down payment) to full-on loan programs.

What’s more, home buyers in different states will have different needs, different expectations, and – of course – different interest rates.

That’s why we’ve written a large number of articles that will help you find home loans for bad credit in the state where you live.

Here they are, collected into one convenient alphabetical list:

Home Loans For Bad Credit By State

(As we collect information for more states, we’ll update this list!)









New York

New Jersey



South Carolina



Washington State


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